ROMAG's baby

ROMAG's CSO- screens normally operate horizontally and require an installation length of at least 3 m. They are thus unsuitable for many, less recent structures with small or narrow spillway openings.

The new RSS CSO-screen with raised screen has been designed for opening widths of 40 - 120 cm resp. for structures characterised by cramped conditions. Apart from operating vertically, everything else functions in precisely the same way as on the well known ROMAG CSO-screens which have been used very successfully for many years now and which enjoy an excellent reputation on the market. The RSS is designed for flow rates of 80 - 300 l/s. 

England and Ireland with their many small storm water relief tanks and basins are particularly interested in the RSS. During the course of a series of tests covering several months, a water and sewage authority in Britain's north-east determined that the RSS retains 95 % of the solids and suspended matter > 6 mm in the relief water. The first RSS has already been sold to Spain.

Interested? Our offer will be made to mesure.